Dynamic waypoint update?


I am wondering what the best way is to get a copter to follow a vehicle that is not part of the ground station? For example, if I am on a boat with mission planner, and I want the copter to follow another, different boat without having to manually update the target’s position.

Is there a way in mission planner to dynamically update waypoints for the copter to follow in auto mode? Said another way, is there a way to have a ‘follow me’ type mode that follows a target vehicle instead of following the ground station?



please have a look at

Thank you Michael, I don’t know how I missed that on the wiki!

From reading the wiki, it seems like the ‘lead’ vehicle needs to have a telemetry radio/GPS/flight controller to publish its coordinates to mission planner. I assume that you connect mission planner to both the ‘leader’ and follower vehicles, and then set the parameters as per the wiki?

Another question: If I want the ‘follower’ vehicle to return to the (mobile) GCS, how do I best accomplish this? Can I set a rally point on the GCS that updates to reflect that the GCS is moving as well?

Thanks again!

I did some digging in the wiki, and found this page on the rover follow mode that shows how to set up the telemetry radios (in case anyone else needs this information)



In my use-case I intend to do a mission that will end near a moving boat, and the drone must enter a landing maneuver. For this, I wanted to fly closer to the ship estimated location, and be able to update that target location as I get near it, but all in AUTO mode. When the drone is close enough, it will enter GUIDED mode and perform an autonomous landing procedure.

Is it possible to update the coordinates of a waypoint?