Dynamic slow down

Hi everybody,
Can I set a Parameter to slow down the cruise speed before reaching the target?

For example, 20 meters before reach the target slow down to 50% of the cruise speed, 10 meters before reach the target slow down to 25% cruise speed,
5 meters before reach the target slow down to 10% cruise speed

Or Dynamic from 100 % in a raduis of 30 Meter to 0 % on target.

@rmackay9 eventually a feature Request? :smiley:

Kind regards

@kkarl, it should already slow down automatically in order to make the corner without overshooting by more than the WP_OVERSHOOT value. It uses the ATC_DECEL_MAX parameter to control the maximum deceleration rate (or if it’s zero it uses the maximum acceleration which is ATC_ACCEL_MAX). The TURN_MAX_G is also important in the calculation because it uses this to determine the maximum lateral acceleration the vehicle can achieve.

Thank you very much for the quick answer.
Learned something again. (hope it :-D)
If I set the WP_OVERSHOOT to 0.5 the ATC_DECEL_MAX to 10 and the ATC_ACCEL_MAX to 5 and the TURN_MAX_G to 0.1 the boat should drive much slower to the destination.
If the Cruese Speed ist 1.8 m / s the boat reduce 7-10 meters before reaching the destination the speed. Right?

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@kkarl, setting ATC_DECEL_MAX to 10 means it can slow down at 10m/s/s which is a very very fast deceleration. Trying making it something small like 0.5 and you should find it slows down a lot sooner.

Thank you , now i have undersand it :slight_smile:
i will test it.

(translated from German)
i’m in despair …
i have rover 4.0 and 2 engine Boat.
I try to slow down my boat 2m beforehand so that there are no overcurves but wp_overshoot and atc_deccel_max or atc_accel_max show no effects …
I tested…

WP_RADIUS 0,5m for baiting
Wp_speed 1 m/s
Wp_overshoot 2m (0,5-3)
Atc_deccel_max 0,5 (0,5-3m)
Atc_accel_max 0,5 (0,5-3m)

No matter what it doesn’t respond …

I would like it to be much slower 2m beforehand, turning properly, slowly turning and accelerating again!

In the past, parameter speed_turn_gain and speed_turn_dist were perfect.

Can you help me?