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Dynamic slow down

(Daniel) #1

Hi everybody,
Can I set a Parameter to slow down the cruise speed before reaching the target?

For example, 20 meters before reach the target slow down to 50% of the cruise speed, 10 meters before reach the target slow down to 25% cruise speed,
5 meters before reach the target slow down to 10% cruise speed

Or Dynamic from 100 % in a raduis of 30 Meter to 0 % on target.

@rmackay9 eventually a feature Request? :smiley:

Kind regards

(rmackay9) #2

@kkarl, it should already slow down automatically in order to make the corner without overshooting by more than the WP_OVERSHOOT value. It uses the ATC_DECEL_MAX parameter to control the maximum deceleration rate (or if it’s zero it uses the maximum acceleration which is ATC_ACCEL_MAX). The TURN_MAX_G is also important in the calculation because it uses this to determine the maximum lateral acceleration the vehicle can achieve.

(Daniel) #3

Thank you very much for the quick answer.
Learned something again. (hope it :-D)
If I set the WP_OVERSHOOT to 0.5 the ATC_DECEL_MAX to 10 and the ATC_ACCEL_MAX to 5 and the TURN_MAX_G to 0.1 the boat should drive much slower to the destination.
If the Cruese Speed ist 1.8 m / s the boat reduce 7-10 meters before reaching the destination the speed. Right?

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(rmackay9) #4

@kkarl, setting ATC_DECEL_MAX to 10 means it can slow down at 10m/s/s which is a very very fast deceleration. Trying making it something small like 0.5 and you should find it slows down a lot sooner.

(Daniel) #5

Thank you , now i have undersand it :slight_smile:
i will test it.