Dynamic balance of a hex with 3.5 on a pixhawk2

Q for the masses…
dynamic balance issues and response times/amounts required by Ardupilot 3.5 on a Pixhawk2

battery position… hanging underneath the craft vs sitting above the center line of the props on top

Q= which has a better dynamic response?
To my logic the pendulum effect of the weight hanging down 3"-4" below the prop center line would ‘slow’ dynamic leveling, perhaps requiring a greater or longer control input from the software. Whereas sitting above the prop center line seems like it would require a more dynamic response (faster/less input time required) from the Ardupilot to respond to movement/stability adjustment?

Now I know the auto tune would work with either…I’m just wondering which is the more dynamic and smoother control format for a battery location.

clear as mud right? (my question)



For a camera craft…wouldn’t below/hanging create a longer moment of inertia of the craft upon adjustment by aurdupilot for any stability/leveling response?

I guess my Q is which position works better for the control parameter range of Ardupilot. I believe Ardupilot can be 'tweaked…but which is better overall.

I’ve seen top mounted mentioned several times on various forums, as being better. Someone w/ more experience will have to fill in the details.

Have you ever tried to balance a straw broom in the palm of your hand with the bristles up? You can do it, but it takes a lot of work.

On the other hand, if you suspend the broom with the bristles down, the bristle end will seek and eventually find level.