DX8 for auto tune

I’d like to try auto tune but can’t figure out how the CH7/8 setup works. I guess I have a basic lack of understanding how the switches on the DC8 relate to radio ‘channels’ as discussed in the autotune section.
I’ve set a flight mode to Alt Hold.
I Config I set CH OPT7 to Auto tune.

I find the System Setup / Switch Select menu on the DX8 but nothing there relates to ‘channels’ or channel 7. In fact I don’t find anything in the DX8 setup screens anywhere that talks about channels. Nor can I find anything Googling for that topic.

I’d like to make the AUX 2 switch channel 7 for moving from alt hold to auto tune…

How does one relate a switch to a channel?


Channel 8 on a DX8 is AUX3.



And if I may ask, where do I find the relationship between CH number and functions for all the channels in the DX8? If it is in the manual I’m not finding it.


For Spektrum:

Ch 1 - Thro
Ch 2 - Aile
Ch 3 - Elev
Ch 4 - Rud
Ch 5 - Gear
Ch 6 - Aux 1
Ch 7 - Aux 2
Ch 8 - Aux 3


Thank you. Is that in the DX8 manual somewhere?