DX6 w/AR6200 will not bind on Pixhawk 2.4.8

Building a new F-550 Hexa Copter with a Pixhawk 2.4.8. Using a DX6 i bind an AR6200 with Satellite no issues. I then hook Satellite to the Pixhawk SpkT/dsm connector. Using Mission Planner 1.3.52 and after booting and going thru setup i come to binding the Receiver. I select all 3 DSM bind options and every time i get Bind Failed. I never see a light on Satellite receiver. The Pixhawk is just plugged into the USB on laptop. I have two green pwr leds lit, one blue AC1 flashing, and the large light flashing 2 times yellow every second or so on the Pixhawk. When first attached i get all the normal tones and Accelerometer and compass calibrate OK, so i think it has adequate power.

transmitter too close to the receiver during binding will cause the bind to fail. Just try to check also the firmware of the reciever and of the transmitter.
Try to bind again without the usb cable but with battery connected

Thank You! So far DX6 still doesn’t bind to satellite on pixhawk… I do need to update firmware on DX6 so will do that this week. I did borrow my father-in-laws Spectrum DX7 and was able to bind with AR6200 then when i plugged the satellite rcvr into the pixhawk it was still bound and allowed me to setup controller.