Duplicate Events, Wrong Information, from 3DR-Solo


I am using 3DR-solo and I am facing an issue that I haven’t had before. I am attaching the tlogs in the link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=14XWBeXmUeUF0cuTZ2kVfqxbWnk7Idb_E

I am using Mission Planner (1.3.53).

  • When I try to capture an Image from the controller, multiple images get captured automatically.

  • I get wrong information from, such as altitude, and when I look at a replay of the tlogs in the mission planner I see that the arming status is toggling from Armed to Unarmed and vice versa repeatedly.

I connected to the vehicle by outputting to two different ports using Mavproxy. One to Mission Planner and one to my system (using dronekit). I don’t have the tlogs from mavproxy. But I can get them during my next set of experiments and I face it again.

disconnect your gimbal and try again

It’s not happening all the time. It happened just during that particular day and never before. And even during that day just for few flights. Didn’t run flights later, but I’ll try doing that If I face it.

Any idea why it is happening? Can it be because of high temperature?