Dual VNH2SP30 with APM 2.5


i am building a 4 WD Rover with the following motor driver Dual VNH2SP30 ( https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10182 ) with APM 2.5.

i know i can plug the motor driver directly into an Arduino UNO and control the Rover with R/C Transmitter and Receiver.

my question is how can i plug the said motor driver into an APM 2.5 and use the mission control software to driver the rover.

to my knowledge APM 2.5 gives out Encoded PWM signals which the Dual VNH2SP30 Motor Driver does not understand. how can i interface the both?

thanking all in advance.


The Pixhawk ArduRover firmware will put out a standard PWM signal where 1500us is neutral, 1000us is full reverse, and 2000us is full forward. This PWM output works with RC car ESCs that support forwards and reverse and Sabertooth ESCs that support forward and reverse.
Your ESC appears to accept PWM input, but seems to require inputs for CW and CCW rotation for the brakes which is not available from the Pixhawk servo outputs.

i really appreciate your reply.

what is the way out of this? can i have some kind of interface which can be used in between the two?