Dual Transmitter and Receiver

Will the pixhawk 2 be able to accept a second R/C Receiver to allow for Flight Control and Sensor Operators to have seperate physical Transmitters?

I haven’t checked out the Pixhawk 2 hardware yet but I assume it has the two ports: Telem1 and Telem2 as in Pixhawk 1. You will be able to have two ground stations, or other similar connections connected simultaneously. The ports are written such that Ardupilot will interpret any message received on any of the ports at any time and will “broadcast” all messages to both ports at the same time.

You will just have to make sure both your GCSs can interpret MAVLink packets. You could possible set them up so they only decode or send certain types of messages (to distinguish between commands and sensor data).

Alternatively, if you want to make a clear distinction between flight control and sensor data you might be able to look into the component id value so that Pixhawk only ever interprets commands on one port and only sends sensor data to the other. That may be necessary if you want a more secure option, ie you don’t trust your sensor monitors with UAV control or they don’t trust you with sensor data. If you choose this option you’ll have to ask someone else as I can’t help you there.