Dual servo ailerons


Trying to setup second aileron on channel 5 output and no luck…
I have set RC5_FUNCTION to 4:Aileron
My receiver outputs aileron signal on channel 1 only, is this an issue, or this is a bug in v 3.4 ?


I haven’t done it myself on Arduplane but I think you need to set up the flaperon function (even if you don’t actually use the flaps part) to get the correct two aileron behaviour: plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/flaperons-on-plane/

It should work without requiring flaperon setup.
You will have to manually enter values for RC_MIN , RC_MAX & RC5_TRIM are the same as the values for RC1.
Also the RC5_REV may need to be change.


When you say it doesnt work, the servo is not getting power? It’s not moving at all? It’s moving in the wrong direction?

is the servo cable in the correct way?

did you write parameters and reset?

should be quite simple to do.