Dual rangefinder for object avoidance

I want to use two lidars for object avoidance, one leddartech vu8 for the front position closer to the ground, and the 360 one for longer ranges, is it possible?

Hi @jesus_taax
You have to configure a proximity sensor to use Obstacle Avoidance with ArduPilot.
You can connect multiple rangefinders around your Rover and set the PRX_TYPE parameter to β€œ4”. Obstacle avoidance would then work with ALL the connected rangefinders.
However, currently our Proximity Library only supports using ONE TYPE of proximity sensor. So if you connect a supported 360 lidar (For eg: Lighware Sf40c) then you will only be able to use that, OR the rangefinders depending on what value you set for PRX_TYPE.
This is a short comming of the library and I guess someday it’ll be enhanced to support multiple proximity sensor. It will take some time though.

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Thanks a lot! Also you know if we can discard some angles of the 360 lidar? For example if I have an antenna just behind the 360 lidar.

Yes, we have a parameter just for that purpose. Its called: PRX_IGN_ANG and PRX_IGN_WID. See the documentation to know more. You can set up multiple of such angles to avoid detection of GPS masts or other obstructions

hi,i wonder if ardupilot support multiple proximity sensor for copter? i try to use depth camera and rangefinder for Obstacle Avoidance,how can i fuse their data ? for example ,i want to set one camera and one rangefinder forward(choose minimum distance from them), and use rangefinder in other direction.