Dual Power Modules?

I have 2 mauch 200A units that I would like to install into my airplane - one for each wing. The units require a BEC to power them. Can I run separate BEC’s for each unit and then plug them into power1 and power2 respectively? Is there some switching going on with the power input to the pixhawk that would safely allow me to plug in 2 BEC’s? Or is it safer to power the current sensors from one common BEC? I’m using a pixhawk 4.

If you plug into PM1 and PM2 on a carrier board, you will be able to measure both currents and voltages. Power supply to the Cube will be decide based on which ever one is not below 5.3ish volts. There is a separate power selection module on some of the carrier boards that handles choosing which power source to pull from. I would have 2 BECs and 2 current sensors plugged into their own PM port on the carrier board.

Sorry for not clarifying, but im using a pixhawk 4. Does the above response remain true for the pixhawk 4? Also, is there any documentation on this? I cant really find anything.

I would still use both PM connections. If one BEC dies the autopilot will still have power.