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Dual-motor tailsitters

( research air) #483
hot off the press…

(Mark Whitehorn) #484

Horizon does it again… nice video here:
Note that the X-vert RX/FC/ESCs are one integrated unit priced at $47

(Mark Whitehorn) #485

@tilt This is similar to the 3D printer I built, and relatively inexpensive:

(lorbass) #486

I need also the diameter back of the wheel and the thicknes of the mounting flange and the distance of the
axle from one side.
A lever would be a better clutch as a wheel look here:

And then I need the exact lever measures.

By the way. I have no experience in judging about other 3D Printer.
I use this one
with the slicing Software Cura. Material PLA, Nozzle 0.4 mm, layer 0.1 mm
The Base Unit needs 6 hours to print.

The 3D Printer discussed here have no information about the technical data and the Software to download.
e.g. dimension, material, noise, nozzle diameter.
If you are not happy with it, they are 400$ to expensive.

( research air) #487

Hi, Otto,
Thanks for your time, and info, but I think you probably have your own projects that should come first.
I ordered the printer, 3 weeks out, and will try to figure it out (best way to learn) and will bug you when I get stumped if thats ok. btw very impressive work.
so get that airplane flying .

(lorbass) #488

Yes, you are right. The design took 1 week. And I had to redesign due to the bug.
Aniway I will post the “repaired” files. And you can continue to learn by doing, how and if the .STL Files coul’d be used with your printer. When positiv, we can continue.

(lorbass) #489

Here the complete set of .STL Files and an instruction how to use it.

The 3D Print needs switch on support material and Infill 40%. Works great with PLA.
Base Units Right and Left
Base Unit L.STL (560.7 KB)
Base Unit L.STL (560.7 KB)
Motor Carriers Right and Left (according to the cable out of the motor)
Motor Carrier L long.STL (101.6 KB)
Motor Carrier R long.STL (101.6 KB)
Servo Fixations Right and Left
Servobefestigung L.STL (24.9 KB)
Servo-Fixation Right.STL (24.9 KB)
Counter Bearing for both sides
Counter Bearing.STL (32.9 KB)
Template Right and Left
Template R.STL (148.7 KB)
Template L.STL (124.5 KB)

And filnally the Instruction
Manual Tilt motor carrier.pdf (311.1 KB)

Kind regards, Otto

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Hi, Tridge sent log and video of rev 8, new design, google drive, not so good, if you could take a look when you get a chance…thanks

( research air) #491 rev 8 video 2nd hover

(lorbass) #492

Again, one step ahead. And amazingly despite the “additional” 2 Servos to tilt the motors only 2 Servos in total.
I’m curious to see the plane characteristics.
Good luck

(Rolf) #493

Today we wanted to test our first vectored tailsitter on the bench.

FC is an original pixracer with few days old master firmware installed.
After doing all calibrations and settings, we have the following issue:

In QSTABILIZE or QHOVER the highest motor PWM output is not more than 1500, in MANUAL mode PWM output is correctly as parameterized 2000.
THR_MAX is 100.
Here are the other parameters:
00000009.BIN.param (16.0 KB)

Does anyone have any idea why PWM Output in Q-Modes ist not above 1500 ?

Regards Rolf

(tridge) #494

looks nice!

can you post a dataflash log of trying QSTABILIZE with a range of throttles?

(Rolf) #495

Hi Tridge,


If the plane is lying on the belly, in QSTABILIZE (or QHOVER) full throttle allows the controller only to turn motor PWM (RCOUT.C5/C6) up to maximal 1400.
That is not enough to lift the planes front. In MANUAL (or FBWA) modes the engine power control works well.

As soon as I raise the plane (with the hands without props mounted) nose up, engine power works also well. As soon as the plane is lying on the belly again, motor control is too weak again (red circle in the diagram).

Thanks for the look

(lorbass) #496

I can confirme the issue of Rolf above with my Caipirinha.
Even worse the max Power with Ch3in 2000 flat is PWM 1220 and in Tailsitter Pos. PWM 1800
Indicated in MP on Ch5out and Ch6out.
ESC’s and Radio calibrated.

Therefore not lying on the belly but lying in the shelve.:slight_smile:

Thanks for help

( research air) #497… illusion auto, hover, loiter, land

( research air) #498

yey Tridge ,
you around? sent logs

(tridge) #499

congratulations on your first QLOITER! Looks like it did pretty well.
The attitude tracking was excellent, the EKF was happy and all the sensors look good. Very good result!
Do you think you’re ready to try forward flight on the Illusion?

(tridge) #500

I’ve tracked this down to the angle-boost code. If you set Q_A_ANGLE_BOOST=0 then I think you’ll find that you get the full throttle range at any angle.
The angle-boost code doesn’t really make sense for a vectored tailsitter, as it is assuming thrust is to the front of the vehicle.
Sorry for not spotting this earlier!
Cheers, Tridge

(Rolf) #501

Thanks Tridge.
Just backyard tested and it works well :slight_smile:
(For a complete flight it is unfortunately too windy today. Hopefully tomorrow)
Regards Rolf

( research air) #502

Thanks Tridge[quote=“tridge, post:499, topic:15302”]
first QLOITER! Looks like it did pretty well.
[/quote]one interesting thing I noticed is as it leaned into the breeze it would descend and move forward as opposed to manual flight , would lean and climb as more lift is generated by the wing[quote=“tridge, post:499, topic:15302”]
Do you think you’re ready to try forward flight on the Illusion?
[/quote]almost, I think I will add some vertical stabilizer area for the 1st try having had some of these stright wings yaw to vertical when rolling into a turn in forward flight