Dual Here3 Setup Error: EKF3 waiting for GPS config data

I am having issues getting a Dual Here3 GPS setup working with a Pixhawk CubeOrange flight controller on ArduCopter verison 4.0.7. I get the message “Err: EKF3 waiting for GPS config data” 95% of the time I try booting it up. When I unplug the second GPS unit so that there is only one on the CAN bus, it works just fine.

I followed the instructions in the CubePilot manual for assigning a distinct node_id to each GPS unit in MissionPlanner’s UAVCAN tool.

Attaching parameters here (31.5 KB)

I found a post from January this year that claimed that Arducopter did not have dual CAN GPS support yet, but I’ve seen posts since where people seem to have gotten it to work.

Does Arducopter version 4.1.0 add any support for Here3 compatibility? I saw that it fixed an issue with units swapping on reboot.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Set BRD_BOOT_DELAY,5000 (5 seconds) to ensure all CAN devices have booted up before Ardupilot

I have a CubeOrange with two Here3 connected on CAN1 and CAN2 and it works fine.
But you do need to make sure the Here3 FW is up-to date, you need to set BRD_BOOT_DELAY to 5000 and you probably must update to ArduCopter 4.1.2.

I only got it to work on 4.1.x, but you can try 4.0.7

Yeah I ended up having to upgrade to v4.1.0. That fixed it instantly.

4.1.0 has itself caused some issues for me due to changes in flight behavior, but that’s a different problem.

Update to ArduCopter 4.1.5. 4.1.0 has some issues.