DUAL GPS usage on CAN1 port and GPS1 port of pixhawk cube

Flight Controller: Pixhawk Cube Orange
Generally I use 2 Here GPS using CAN1 & CAN2 ports and by doing necessary parameters adjustments.
Thing I want to do:
I want to use dual GPS’. One would be GPS1 that is HERE 3 and other is GPS2(Not HERE GPS).
Here 3 is generally being used via CAN1 and the other GPS that I have, works on UART and for that I can simply connect the GPS2 on GPS-1 port of pixhawk cube orange.
Can I use GPS on Can1 and other GPS2 on GPS1 port? can this happen?
If YES! then, are there any certain sets of parameters that need to be set in order to get it worked?
Thanks & Regards

Set Gps_ type 1 to 9
Gps _ type 2 to 1

GPS _ AUTO_ Switch to 4.