Dual gps monitor and battery voltage on QGCS Android version

I have Dual gps on board and both working normally.in mission planner incan able to see both gps status showing 3dgps.
When looking at QGCS run by SIYI Mk15 unit it shows only one gps status and how should i enable second gps status to display.

Battery showing as percentage in main screen,if i want to display as a voltage what parameter i hava to change?

Simply put: You can’t
I’m having the same issues.
The workaround I’ve been using to have HDOP for second GPS and battery voltage is the display on the bottom can be changed to display those values.

I have created widgets for the second gps status but i couldn’t find vehicle parameter for the battery voltage.

I have other doubts in QGCS.
1.if my mission has 10 waypoints.if i interrupt the mission inbetween for example waypoint number 5 changed to guided mode.
If i want to resume the mission from waypoint no 5 ,how can i do that…

Mission planner has this function like i have to click no 5 waypoint and change mode to auto.

2.my gimbal control connected to flight controller via serial protocol ( A8 mini ).

Mission planner has the function like point payload here or point payload to user geo co-ordinates.
Gimbal will automatically turn that coordinate point…

How to execute command via QGCS?

Here is what I’ve got:
(Currently no values showing as not connected to drone)

In regards to other issues can’t really help you as I operate differently - I use Auto mode and then change to a different flight mode using the flightmode switch on my RC. When I’m done with what I want to do I change back to Auto and the mission continuous. In that way don’t rely on a connection to the Ground-station.

When you switch back to auto its start from 1st waypoint or resume from current waypoint?

It resumes from current waypoint / position and continuous to next waypoint.

BTW: I believe SIYI is currently working on a modified QGC version which will have gimbal control integrated.

I just use the two dials on the MK15 to adjust my camera.

Yes by switch i can operate but i want to do gimbal to automatically move to given geo co-ordinates

I’ve managed that so far only in MP.
Perhaps there is someone else on here who has experience with that in QGC.