Dual Battery Voltage Sensing for Pixhawk 5x

I am working on a build that uses 3 batteries, 2 10S batteries in parallel and 1 4S battery for a different system in the vehicle. Looking at ardupilot it looks like sensing multiple battery voltages shouldn’t be an issue on that side.

I was originally planning on having the 2 parallel 10S batteries go into one of the power inputs and the 4S go into the other. However the power module for the 5X only supports up to 36V and 120A, both of which the 10S batteries will exceed.

I am fine with running the Pixhawk off just the 4S battery but I will need to see the voltage of the 10S batteries. I tried looking for i2c voltage sensor but all the ones that I looked at maxed out at about 25V. Anny suggestions for how to get the voltage of the 10S pack?

Get a Mauch PL series BEC and current sensor, they are rated up to 12S and are natively supported by Ardupilot.