DSLR Gimbal for Pixhawk?

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project in which we want to use a DSLR camera with a 3 axis gimbal and test the ROI function in Mission Planner.
The problem is that I cant seem to find any gimbal that can be controlled by the pixhawk, we are aiming at a gimbal with precision of at least 0.1 degrees, and the Tarot 5D3 looks like a great alternative but I don’t know if it can be controlled by the Pixhawk.
Other option is to use a Storm32 compatible gimbal but the specifications doesn’t show the precision it has or the weight it can handle (the camera + lens should be arround 1.5kg).

Any help will be much appreciated!

Good day,
im using the Tarot 5D3 with pixhawk. I connect it on a home built sbus split. I don’t have found any problem with the gimbal… and its easy to configure.

A Gremsy gimbal might work

Thanks for the kick response!

David, great to hear that you could get the Tarot 5D3 connected with the pixhawk, are you able to control it from the mission planner?

Eric, the Gremsy T3 gimbal looks promising, thanks for the tip, i will look into it.

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i set the control of the gimbal on my taranis x9d plus…

At least 0.1 degrees? forget about the strom32.
5D3 is easy to configure.

Hello Alex,

Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. I didn’t think that the storm32 could get that precision.

It appears that the 5D3 would be the way to go, and if it can communicate with the Pixhawk I guess we can make the ROI function work.

At least 0.1 degrees? forget about the strom32.

I didn’t think that the storm32 could get that precision.

this is not quite correct. There are sufficiently many reports demonstrating even 0.02°. Note though that the STorM32 is a gimbal controller and not a gimbal, it thus depends also a lot on the gimbal (& gimbal builder). Many stick it on a crapy gimbal: crap in => crap out. Those who don’t easily get well below 0.1°.

having said that, its disadvantage is obvious: it’s just a gimbal controller and not a ready-to-go gimbal


As far as I can tell, the Gremsy gimbals only work with Spektrum and Futaba, and specific models from what I can tell. I asked Gremsy, more than once, if they can work with FrSky and received no reply.

I’m planning to attach a Movi M5 and use my Taranis X9D+ to control it. I am hoping to be able to figure out how to do it without using a Spektrum module at the same time, but haven’t gotten into it. If anyone knows it’s possible, please chime in.