Dshot to normal esc calibration

Hi all i been having some issues with a new build. I reverted to ESC Normal from Dshot and now only one motor will test after a normal calibration. I thinking that I could got 2 bad 4 and 1 esc’s one would not spin motor 1 and 2 the other 4 and 1 seems to test ok but rotates the craft using dshot in yaw.

can be bench tested, running BLH 32, select dshot 600 then test in motor test works fine, now select esc " normal " and calibrate using un plug the battery and usb then plug in the battery, Motor test will now only power up one motor at a high rpm and the rest will not work. then try it with oneshot125. test and go back to Dhot 600 and it works. Its my understanding the escs can work in any mode normal or Dshot.

I installed stable and reset the pram but still have the same issue so i going to replace some hardware.