DShot reverse inverted

Hi Everyone.
i experiencing so issues with setting up DShot on my cube orange plus , the last time i had Dshot working is on rover 4.4.0 release, today i updated a new cube orange plus to Rover V4.5.5-beta. When I arm the system, the motors start turning slowly without any throttle input also When I provide a small amount of reverse throttle input, the motors unexpectedly go to maximum reverse speed.
iv tried different esc’s setup to 3d mode but get the same results

log file

it sounds like this issue that was fixed, do you get the same issue on 4.4?


Yes, it is the same issue with the added problem of slow turning when armed.

I have a Cube Purple here with Rover 4.3.0-beta13, and there are no issues. I loaded 4.4.0 on Cube Orange, and it’s all good. However, when I loaded Rover 4.5.0 on Cube Orange, the issue arises.