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DShot protocol for quad motors, with telemetry

Can the quad motors be controlled with the DShot protocol? If yes, will the DShot telemetry work for them? I’m ordering parts for my build, and would be very happy to have full DShot control, both for the plane motor and the quad motors.

Yes and Yes, depends on the flight controller how many dshot outputs you can do at once, I think they are all at least 6.

Thanks! I’ve learnt (the hard way) that Pixhawk 4 has only 4 DShot outputs, but an old good Pixhawk 2.4.8 has 6.

Also, any fmuV5 based flight controller with an IO coprocessor only has 4 dshot outputs as aux 5/6 have a hardware conflict that prevents them from being dshot outputs… Just fyi

I use Dshot and BLHeli 32 telemetry, but make sure you have ChibiOS.

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