DShot for the horizontal motor

I’m successfully flying my build of the SkyHunter 1800 in the vertical mode. The only issue is that the motors are installed on the tail booms and their extensions, and I had to mount the engines tilting forwards much more than the 5 deg adviced in the docs in order for the plane not to fly backwards. Do you need to have a successful QLoiter in order to perform a safe transition, or you can call it from QStabilize?

Now I’m starting to mount the horizontal motor and select an ESC for it. I prefer the DShot protocol, as there is no calibration and the telemetry is provided. I run the vertical motors in the DShot mode, and I fly another conventional plane with twin motors also controlled by DShot. But I remember I’ve read somewhere in the docs that the horizontal motor in the QuadPlane can be only PWM. Is this true?

no, you can have as many Dshot motors as you like.

Great, thank you for the clarification.


I’ve installed the horizontal motor along with an DSHOT ESC, connected it to a DSHOT-capable output, but it’s not recognized. Only the copter motors appear in BLHeli_32 IDE. I’ve assigned a 70 (Throttle) Servo6_Output parameter for the motor. I can see the output level for this servo raising as it should, but is this not just PWM? Indeed, the banner message is: PWM 1-6 (including the 6 output for the horizontal motor), DS150: 7-10 (copter motors)

I’ve found what I had mentioned before: the docs say that the horizontal motor must be PWM.

" These are selected by the [MOT_PWM_TYPE] parameter on Copter or [Q_M_PWM_TYPE] on QuadPlanes for copter function motors. On Plane, other motors use Normal (PWM) protocol."


EDIT: it works, I’ve read the rest of the page. SERVO_BLH_MASK did it!

Hello @maciek252 ,
Congrats you did it, what is the proper setting parameter for this SERVO_BLH_MASK ?
Thank you.

Hello @maciek252,
May I know your setting that make it work?

I had lots of troubles here, but eventually I’ve got it to work by setting outputs 1-6 to DSHOT and 7-13 to PWM. It didn’t work for other combinations, even it should according to the docs.