Drotec Pixhawk 3 Pro

Recently I have seen some ongoing changes of the firmware for the Drotec Pixhawk 3 Pro. Using this firmware functions like the simple or super simple modes, and landing gear in the extended tuning are not available, while using a ‘standard’ copter firmware has those available. I switched to the new firmware hoping the Drotec Power Management Unit would be supported, so the status of both batteries would be available, but in MissionPlanner there is no option to select this unit/option. Is the Drotech hardware planned to be integrated completely into development?



Better you change pdb unit

This is about how parameters are handled in Mission Planner with the latest revision of firmware. Simple and Super Simple can be configured in the Full Parameter list as can landing gear. Also the battery related functions are available there.

Hi Dave,
thanks a lot for the reply!! I’m quite new to ArduPilot/Copter/MissionPlanner. With Drotec I spoke several times regarding the development of the copter firmware and options in MissionPlanner. Seems like they support more PX4, but since about a month or so I see daily builds of the copter firmware for the Drotec Pixhawk 3 Pro. As your recommended I looked up the parameter for simple, super simple and landing gear modes in the full parameter list and was able to modify them. Only for the Drotec Power Management Unit for battery 1 and 2 there is no option in Mission Planner. DO you know about any place in the forum someone can ask for new features? I understand someone shouldn’t ask this type of questions in any of the developers forum. Do you might know other people using the Drotec hardware to get more information ans share? I would very much appreciate any kind of help. Thanks a lot!!!



Good day, did you try change the pdb? Im not fun of drotek pixhawk coz even its have an update version of pfmu the sensor are not updated.
You can find few info on drotek site.
Me im using mro x2.1 coz its an update version of the pixhawk 1…and you can set it like the previous version

Hello David, thanks a lot for your message. Honestly I’m quite new to the ‘world’ of building your own drone. Since I’m very interested in learning new things and therefore try to keep my options open for the future, I was looking for a flight controller that might give me same room to play, so I found the Drotek Pixhawk 3 Pro a good option, comparing price and features.I was hoping it would be used by many more users and so a more active development. Over the past month and a half there is at least a dedicated firmware for it with almost daily changes - keeping hopes up! I spoke several time with Drotek and they are driving the development a bit forward, but seems to support more PX4/Qgroundcontrol than Ardupilot/Mission planner. I prefer the latter and currently the most helpful feature would be the dual battery supported in Mission Planner for the Drotek Power Management Unit. I wish my coding knowledge/experience would be better to be able to play an active part for all of this, but unfortunately this is going to take time.



Good day, take your time coz ardupilot have many features. Me im testing the new pixhawk 4… im testing also the new sensor and until now i don’t have found any issues. I don’t have choose drotek coz the sensors and also the arm processor is really old… and featuring new development you cannot have any issues

Hello David,
when I purchased the Drotek Pixhawk 3 Pro it just was introduced to the marked, but now it seems like I put my money on the wrong horse. The point is, there is no way back so I have to stick with it, hoping there are some other users and the needed functions will be integrated into MP and the firmware.



what kind of development you need? i can advice you a good alternative to your drotek pixhawk pro 3.

Hi David,
the only thing I would like to see in Mission Planner is the addition of the Drotek Power Management Unit as current/voltage sensor for both batteries supported. Maybe the Pixhawk 3 Pro is not one of the most used autopilots, but it is now even shown on the Pixhawk homepage and has all hardware I’m looking for. Replacing it would be a waste of money for me and the only options I see is the Pixhawk 2 or one of the brand new units, which are right now even less supported.


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