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DrotagX for GeoTagging

I’ve recently been trying to use the DrotagX to geotag images for use in a search and rescue competition (Japan Innovation Challenge) but I’ve been unable to get it to trigger the camera shutter of a Sony A5000.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had success or failures with this device?

The way this device is meant to work (I think) is it connects to both the flight controller and the USB port of a Sony camera. It receives mavlink messages from the flight controller including the vehicle’s position and also DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL messages. It should trigger the camera if it receives a do-digicam-control message and then it records (on it’s own SD card I guess) the picture id and vehicle location. then later when the vehicle is switched into RTL or Land it directly writes the location to each picture using EXIF.

I’ve talked to two other ArduPilot developers. One reported that “it just worked” while another said they’d tried two other users to get it working and were not successful.

I’m also considering trying an alternative device called the AirPixel Entire in case people have experience with this alternative.

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