Drop/Save POI pins based on RC Channel in Auto Mode

I’m trying to find a way to drop POI pins on the map during an Auto mission based on the value of an RC channel. I’d also like to have the POI pins saved in the poi.txt file for later reference. Is this possible?

Some things to consider would be minimum time and minimum distance between consecutive pin drops to prevent double marking of the same point.

There is no such function in Mission Planner yet, You need to write a script or a plugin for that (Python to c#).

@Eosbandi I’m not a Python or C# developer, but I do have the ability to read the Mavlink data (Current GPS position and RC Channels) in LabVIEW and I can write code to update the POI.txt file based on my specific logic. If I could find a way to use .NET calls to interact with the running mission planner, I would only need to refresh the Map similar to what is done when you load the POI.txt file in MP. I could do this manually, but I was thinking of having it refresh every few seconds or so.

This is exactly what I was looking for (and I am not the only one, see views). I have no talent/skills for programming languages, so unfortunately I can not contribute here. Anyway, I would like to stay updated about this new value feature :slight_smile: