Dronie Source Code

I would like to change some parameters of the dronie. Where is the source code of this feature?

It’s in the droidplanner or in the APM code? The droidplanner send only a command to the autopilot or send all the procedure?

I have seen this button.
What makes the Dronie?

It’s like a selfie, but the drone will move away from you.

Look here examples:



Anyone can explain the code for me. I would like to make some buttons with other fuctions, and also change some parameters of the selfie. How can we do that?

Thank you for the explication. Otto

I wish there was a simple way to extend the code to do what it normally does, but add a slow 360 degree rotation yaw at the top-most position (keeping the camera angle the same), then return as normal

Please forgive my question, but I’ve only had my Iris+ for a couple of weeks. My poor eye balls are falling out of my head from all the reading I’ve done lately. :ugeek: How far away does it fly? Is there a setting? Looks like something that would scare me to death, watching my rig fly away like that.

Its in 3DR Services code.


in class “createDronie”.

[color=#FF0000]public List createDronie(Coord2D start, Coord2D end) {
final int startAltitude = 4;
final int roiDistance = -8;
Coord2D slowDownPoint = GeoTools.pointAlongTheLine(start, end, 5);
Speed defaultSpeed = myDrone.getSpeed().getSpeedParameter();

if (defaultSpeed == null) {defaultSpeed = new Speed(5);}

List dronieItems = new ArrayList();

dronieItems.add(new Takeoff(this, new Altitude(startAltitude)));
dronieItems.add(new RegionOfInterest(this, new Coord3D(GeoTools.pointAlongTheLine(start,
end, roiDistance), new Altitude(1.0))));

dronieItems.add(new Waypoint(this, new Coord3D(end, new Altitude(startAltitude

  • GeoTools.getDistance(start, end).valueInMeters() / 2.0))));

dronieItems.add(new Waypoint(this, new Coord3D(slowDownPoint, new Altitude(startAltitude

  • GeoTools.getDistance(start, slowDownPoint).valueInMeters() / 2.0))));

dronieItems.add(new ChangeSpeed(this, new Speed(1.0)));

dronieItems.add(new Waypoint(this, new Coord3D(start, new Altitude(startAltitude))));
dronieItems.add(new ChangeSpeed(this, defaultSpeed));

dronieItems.add(new Land(this, start));

return dronieItems;