Dronekit vehicle connect takes too long to connect

I’m trying to use dronekit to keep my drone running.
When I use mavproxy.py in my Raspberry pi terminal, it can connect to the drone.

But whenever I try to run my scripts (same baudrate and serial port), it only gets stuck at the part of the vehicle = connect even when I set the wait_ready = True. No timeout happens.

Are there any reasons for this one?

Here’s a picture of me being able to detect a vehicle using the mavproxy.py but can’t get past vehicle connect on my script. It sometimes says device tty/S0 is dead.

Code used: Dronekit-Arming/armable.py at main · angela804/Dronekit-Arming · GitHub

It would help if we could see your code, maybe put in github and share the link?

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Hello. I have updated the problem and I have also put the code used.