Dronekit and Multiple Serial Devices

I am having some issues with a Cube Black and multiple serial devices with a flight computer.

The devices connected are as follows:
Telem1: RFD 900x at 115200 connected to mission planner
Telem2: Pi Zero W running Drone kit at 921600
Gps1: Here GPS
Gps2: Taranis reciever with telemetry

With just telem 1,2, and gps connected we get sporadic instances where drone kit is still able to view telemetry and send commands but it no longer gets conformations of certain changes. It can see mode changes, but not armed status. I can still issue all commands from mission planner over the 900x at any time, and I see all the mode changes and armed status changes.

When the Taranis is thrown into the mix it causes it all the time.

Can anyone explain this? or point me in the direction of what I’m doing wrong?

How are you powering your devices?

What are the SR1_RATE and SR2_RATE ? are you sure you are not oversubscribing your links ?

I have the devices powered by a separate 5v supply.

The rates are default 4,2,2,2,2,2 for mission planner and the software connected through drone kit is poling drone kit every second for basic telemetry.

My understanding of drone kit is that it is an ever updating backboard that will report its held value that is has decoded from the mavlink packet so it can be polled as often as desired?

performing testing today I can interrupt the software connected to drone kit and make it unable to get telemetry completely by connecting with the pixhawk via the 900x and mission planner. As soon as i disconnect mission planner everything goes back to normal and the companion computer has full control and can see all values presented from dronekit.