Drone wopn't start. Tilt's left or right when throttle advaced

Dear all,

Since a few days i’m not able to get my drone airborne.
It flew well before but now when i want to take off it tips to the right or to the left.
It would crash when i woult not reduce the throttle.
I’m using a pixhawk 2 Cube with a 450 carbon frame, 2814-10 T-Motors with
40A Hobbywing ESC’s.
I have attachted some LOG files. Maybe some of the pro’s here can help me to analyse
it ?

Thanks in advance…

Kind regards: Jan

2017-08-04 18-20-48.bin (513.5 KB)
2017-08-04 18-22-59.bin (961.3 KB)
2017-08-04 18-11-05.bin (964.5 KB)
2017-07-17 18-38-42.bin (919.3 KB)
28 01.01.2000 01-01-16.bin (156.4 KB)

The RCout1 looks rather strange in that it flat lines at minimum.
And RCout4 stays low to compensate.

Just a thought, when did you purchase you Cube?
If it is an older one, have you done the mod to fix the potential short on pin 1 out?

What have you changed between your “successful” flights and this one?

Have you tested with the props off to see if the motors are spinning correctly, especially when you tilt the copter, but also when you use the RC sticks?

The thing is that i did not changed anything…
No new parts or software…
I will change the Firmware now and re setup the dronr completly.
I need 3.5 for the RTK GPS anyway so i hope this will fix it…
I have aslo checked without the props. It does what it has to do…

Thank you for your help…

Regards: Jan