Drone tilt and go crazy on take off


I have moved from betaflight to Ardupilot. My drone was working great and flew smoothly on betaflight, but I am struggling to take off with Ardupilot (speedybee F405 v3).

It moves to the side and goes crazy. I have tested and the motor directions are correct.
The weird thing about Ardupilot is that when I increase the throttle halfway, it does nothing, but then after passing halfway, it goes crazy. I checked the flag for throttle and it is correctly set (not set to auto-center).

Here are two log files:
Log Files

I couldn’t figure out the problem so any help is appreciated. It should not be the hardware as it worked perfectly with BetaFlight.

Did you use the frame type for BetaflightX so you didn’t have to change any wiring or motor order?

Did you confirm the Motor Order and direction with Mission Planners Motor Test? Note which motors are supposed to spin when you select tge A-D buttons.
What you are describing with the throttle is how it works in Altitude Hold or Loiter flight modes. Use Stabilize initially.

There is a LOT of prop wash affecting the barometer. Is it covered with foam?