Drone taking roll on pitch movement

Hi guys, recently we are facing a issue with our drone in Loiter mode, when we are giving pitch, on pitch moment it also takes little roll. we tried to find the issue, but unable to conclude anything.
Please look into these log file
Log File

I would say general tuning and default parameters is the attitude control issue.
Also this is a custom firmware version which no one can really support, for example you’ve only got 1 IMU showing in logs (and a CUAV X7 has 3) plus many other non-standard categories in logs. And it’s running EKF2 when EKF3 has been out for ages…
You’ll probably have to go back to your supplier to get full support, or just follow the docs and normal procedures yourself.

ArduCopter-IoTech V1.1 13/09/2023 (e6acf82c)
Firmware Version= 1694595323.8762724_AnyaForger
CUAV-X7 0028001A 34325103 39313835

Personally I would reset to defaults, update to latest official stable firmware via MissionPlanner or QGC and run through all the mandatory calibrations and normal tuning process.