Drone takes off when armed

Hi my first attempt to fly my drone is unsuccessful, I have set up the drone in mission planner, this is a done that I have built myself,
380mm frame
D2312 motors 960kv
9450 props
35amp esc’s
Battery 3s 4500 45c
Pixhawk fc
Does this seem an OK setup?
I’ve a very short video of it crashing it took off and flipped soon as it was armed. Any advise?

A flip on takeoff is usually motor or prop direction is wrong.
Motor numbering and layout is NOT the same as the motor test order in the Mission Planner motor test.

I arm without throttle and watch each prop very carefully for the direction of spin, assuming you’ve got the Main Out connectors going to the correct ESC and motor as per that diagram linked here.


You can change motor direction by swapping 2 of it’s 3 wires to the ESC.

Hi I’ve checked all the settings they seem OK, here is a link to the crash

Would I be correct in saying that the pitch channel should be reversed? I’m using a Taranis X9D plus Se transmitter, x8r Reciever connected to the pixhawk by sbus.

yeah, I see it lifts off nice and level then tips over.
Can you provide the log from that flight, or a similar flight please.
I’ve got the same transmitter and receiver so I can easily compare to my setup.

Probably go into the RC calibration section of Mission Planner (or QGC, APMPlanner) and see if all your sticks are causing the bars to move in the correct direction, pretty much just run the calibration again but slow and careful - see if you can spot any anomaly.

Hi not sure how to access the flight log on mission planner? But I was wondering if it tipped because of the pitch channel that I’ve set reversed or could it be a c of g problem or both?
It seemed to liftoff soon as I moved the throttle 1 click, I’m going to attach the camera gimbal for the next flight and maybe an heaver battery and see if that helps.

It’s typical that the pitch channel is reversed for multirotors. Every one of mine (Frsky RC) requires that. I invert chan 2 on the radio.

It would be a bad idea to add any more components before sorting this out.

There’s a lot of info in the docs about logs and how to collect them, plus basic analysis.
APM Planner does really good graphing in my opinion.
Mission Planner log analysis wilkl give you that overall “we found these problems…”


Basically hook up your USB lead to the flight controller, download the “.bin” log files and then upload them to some file hosting service such as google drive or dropbox - then paste a link here. Or use telemetry radios if you’ve got them.
Tlogs dont have all the same information in them as the dataflash .bin logs.

Hi here’s the link to the flight log from mission planner I’ve also included taranis tx setup file.
Hope this gives an idea what’s wrong.


Did you try to reverse the pitch channel output (ch2)? It’s not in the OpenTx file. Also why are you using expo? That is not common with Multirotors. I would get rid of that until you have this machine basically flying. After doing so re-do the radio calibration.

And re-stating the obvious but you are sure the motor order is right and the props are spinning in the right direction?

Hi sorry I uploaded my default file, here is the backup from my taranis

I don’t see any difference. Same questions and comments.