Drone spins when it takes off on stabilize mode

Hi guys.
Today, I did hovering test with my quad copter drone that was made by pixhawk and I used the open source.( ardupilot )
But, I’ve got some problem. This is the video link that I tested the hovering test.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aG2BmabWK0&feature=youtu.be ). The problem was that my drone was spining as soon as taking off.
These are some information about my quad copter drone.

  1. FC - Pixhawk.
  2. Source - ardupilot.
    • I tested the two version ( V3.5.4 / AC3.4.4 ).
  3. Motor - MT 2216 / ESC - XROTOR 30A.
  4. Fligh mode - Stabilize.
    Please, let me know if you have some way to fix my problem.
    Have a good day~~!

You asked that already in your other post…
Did you check what I recomended?

I suggest you start reading the wiki before injuring someone … http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/introduction.html

Yeah, I already checked it. I just wanna have some information.
Today, I found the problem why my drone was spining as soon as take off. It was my mistake, I just changed the motor direction cw and ccw.
Thank you for your good advice.

Have a good day~~!!

Wiki is your friend :slight_smile:
You will find answer to 99% of your problems and for the rest, you are welcome to ask

What makes you say that?
He did nothing in that video to suggest he was flying dangerously.
He even tethered the copter to ground, to ensure it doesn’t fly away and do some damage.