Drone sometimes change the position using GPS mode (2xGPS M8N)

Im using pixhawk @arducopter 3.4.5 and 2xGPS M8N. I noticed a issue when drone is in a GPS mode (Loiter/PosHold). Sometimes it is trying to change the position, few meters away, even when my Roll/Pitch stick is in the center - no inputs.
Im always supprised (unpleasantly) because it can be dangerous when you are close to something…
I found this situatin in the log file, log line 51214.
Please, can you verify what happened ?2017-03-19 11-50-00.bin (2.3 MB)

That’s why the new dual GPS support was added on a recent 3.5 RC, and dual GPS was not a recommended option before that. If you want to keep using dual GPS’s test 3.5RC and check the GPS blend option

ok, thanks for the info, I didn’t notice… I will try it.