Drone seems to over-correct when in Loiter mode and causes a bit of oscillation

Hello all. I am fairly new to the custom build world and have built a large drone with 30 inch props. It will be a hybrid drone but for now is just running on battery until it is flying a bit more stable. Max takeoff weight should be about 19kg. Current takeoff weight is about 15kg. Running cube orange, arducopter 4.0.7, Herelink RC, quadcopter.

I have had some vibration issues and balanced props seemed to bring the levels down. They still seem to be a bit high. Wondering if anyone would care to look at the attached .bin files and see if the vibrations are ok for this large of a drone and if there is anything else that could be learned from them?

I have followed all of the tuning instructions found at https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html and do not dare to run this through the autotune. I have been manually tuning and it flies ok in AltHold and responds well to stick movements. However, when I am in loiter mode, the drone will sometimes overcompensate when stopping from pitch or roll movements causing some oscillation with the drone bouncing back and forth fairly severely Generally only happens on full stick deflections. It will have two Here3 gps units but am currently using only one and only the external compass to eliminate variables.

This drone will be used to fly long slow mapping missions (3 to 5 m/s). I do not want it to move aggressively. Any tune or shaping parameters that I should look at will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone for your help. -Justin

.BIN Files here:

Before advancing with tuning you should set the Dynamic Notch filter. Follow the procedure in the Wiki.

Thank You Dave for pointing me in the right direction. I really appreciate it. I applied the Dynamic Notch Filter and it seemed to help tremendously. If flies much better now. Now onto the generator and incorporating it into the system.
Here is the link to the .BIN files with and without the notch filter applied. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pU_y_cYXd6CYhQMErNUNJzOTMEToAQlI?usp=sharing

Good job with the filter I think you set the parameters correctly. It looks like it still needs tuning though. It’s difficult to tell with the last log witth notch filters because there wasn’t much pitch/roll input but the desired vs actual isn’t tracking that well.