Drone lost control while following a waypoint in guided mode arducopter 4.3.3

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forums. Today I was flying my drone and I encountered an error that I have not been able to trouble shoot. Here is a brief description:

Current Setup:
FMU: Cube Orange
Arducopter version: 4.3.3
Frame: Hexa X
Control: RC controller + companion computer

Problem: my drone performed a successful precision landing in guided mode. However, when it took off again, following the companion computer script, it headed in the wrong direction instead of following the given waypoint. Even when I took over using the RC controller in loiter mode, the drone didn’t stop or change its course.

Here is the Log:
Any help is greatly appreciated

Are you talking about the very end of this log - because it shows you took over in stabilize not loiter. In stabilize mode it will just level out and continue coasting (if no pilot input) because it isn’t using GPS to try and hold position.

That makes totally sense and explains why the drone did not correct its course.

From the logs could you tell what could have triggered this situation? the drone was supposed to head to a waypoint located to the west of its position but it ended up going straight north

Sure,the Flight Mode was changed to 0 (Stabilize).