Drone kit python - connection issues

Hello I’m am trying to use the drone kit python to connect to my vehicle but I am running into a issue connecting it via usb, i have tried the scripts that our on there website but haven’t been successful. a few times it said “permission denied” . On mssion planner my usb is labeled "com8 " . Can someone help ? maybe i am missing something .
thank you!

onnect script onnect script

Did you set the baud rate when connecting it using dronekit? Also try to run the python script from command line window which started with admin privileges. You have some permission issues I think.

no I didn’t , where do you set the baud rate in the code, ii didn’t see that step when reading for connecting via USB .
Yea i tried that the first time, it didn’t work but I can try it again , should I call the file inside the command the command file instead of typing the script out?

Documented in here: https://dronekit-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/guide/connecting_vehicle.html
Set baud=…
Run the cmd with admin privileges and type “python name_of_your_awesome_script.py”. Of course you need get in the directory you are working.

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apologize for the late response , I

got busy with other projects but this is what I got . I’m wondering if you know what that means ?

admin file

using the admin privileges’ i got this . I have the file saved under my visual studio