Drone keeps going in upward in Alt hold mode

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this community so please help me to solve my problem.
Few months earlier I tried Althold mode with ardupilot and there was no problem everything was working just fine but now there is a problem.

The drone is working perfectly in Stabilize mode but when I go into Althold mode and then ARM and start taking off after some height like 0.2m the drone keeps on moving upwards and becomes uncontrollable. Please find the log file attached

1 1-1-1980 5-30-00 AM.bin (712 KB)

Note: I am not using GPS, I have tried different pixhawk but the problem remains the same.

Thank you for your kind help

You are using a very old release candidate version of firmware on default parameters. Update to curent Stable version (4.3.4 today). Then proceed to the Initial Parameter Setup page in Mission Planners Mandatory Hardware section and update those parameters based on you craft’s props size and battery power. Then you will be at a base level to start tuning.

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Thank you so much this really save my life. As you said the problem was in the initial parameters setup I changed it according to my specs and little bit of tunning it’s working fine.

How u tunning your drone?

I haven’t turned it , It am using default parameters