Drone goes crazy after 3 minutes of flight (overweight after attaching gimbal?)

Hello, I have attached a gimbal to my drone and went flying. Was testing it around the first time! 3 minutes all normal flight! Didn’t go fast or crazy with the movements, just some panning shots of the house. After approximately 3 minutes when I pushed the stick forward, the drone rapidly went down, like landing (balanced) but very fast. When it was 1 meter above ground it just fell. Luckily it landed in grass, everything seems okay. I went another time to test it out and a very similar thing happened, but this time the drone fell unbalanced and went crazy when it hit the ground.

I noticed the motors were super hot! I attached the logs for you to investigate!

2021-05-16 18-17-59.bin (624 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Anyone can analyze the log, please?
Thank you!

You’ve got motors going to maximum output, particularly 2 and 3 so it’s underpowered for what you are doing.

I think the weight overload is making the motors hot, but you D terms are low and increasing them may make the motors even hotter.

Your voltage and current monitoring is wrong, in the thousands instead of tens… If you can fix that you’ll be able to set your failsafes correctly and get better info from the logs.

My voltage and current monitoring is set up correctly, it really consumes that much current, I checked! The voltage measurement there is noise because of the crappy power module. I think I will replace the landing gear and battery.