Drone flips when switching to Guided

Hello all,

I am trying to identify why my drone flips and dives to the ground only when switching to Guided mode. The drone flies well in manual modes like Alt-Hold. Setup and Logs provided below.

Flight Controller: mRo Control Zero H7
Firmware Version: 4.0.6
GPS: mRo Location One
Frame/Motor/Propeller: Lynxmotion HQuad500
Power module: mRo Power Zero
Battery: Venom 50C 4S 3600mAh 14.8V LiPo

Problem: Drone flips and dives when in Guided. Even when no instructions are sent via Drone-Kit, it flips.

Scenario 1: The drone is in Alt-Hold mode and raised to ~3 meters. The mode is switched to Guided. The script running on the attached raspberry pi sends the drone velocity instructions all below 0.2 m/s. (via drone-kit) After a second the drone begins to flips and dive to the ground. Below this scenario is shown three times between 15:24:00 and 15:38:30.

Scenario 2: The drone is raised in Alt-Hold mode again. This time when switching to Guided, no instructions are sent to the drone. The same flip and dive occurs after switching. This is seen below.

Again the drone flies well in Alt-Hold mode.

Scenario 1 and 2 link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vu16krbcwbt3yr5/AAAEF1nCZJWeLvw9nnXaLX4va?dl=0

Any suggestions of why this could be happening are welcome.

Thank you,


I was wondering if anyone had any possible explanations to the above problem.

When flying in guided, my drone suddenly flips.

Thank you.

We have solved our problem.

On one of the drones, we replaced the motors, ESCs, and power module just to be safe. It flies without flipping.

On the second drone, at first only the ESCs where replaced. This did not resolve the flipping. Next the motors and power module were replaced. It works fine now.

We believe the flipping was NOT caused by switching to Guided, the drone-kit code, or incorrect ESCs calibration.

Rather, the flipping was caused by our power modules burning out.

We would appreciate any input.

Thanks and happy flying.