Drone Engage web certificate expired

The https cert for https://droneengage.com:8021/webclient.html expired on 7 Jan 2023.

This is the URL you get to if you click to go to drone engage from the ardupilot wiki here

Wierd that this seems to be a different cert than used by https:

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I use https://cloud.ardupilot.org:8001/webclient.html and it works ok.


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yea, the documentation page at Create your Drone-Engage Account Key — Ardupilot Cloud EcoSystem documentation incorrectly has a link called ‘Drone-Engage Web Client’ that refers to this [old] url: https://droneengage.com:8021/webclient.html when it should refer to this [new] url: https://cloud.ardupilot.org:8001/webclient.html

the old url has an expired certificate and no longer works.

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It is fixed now.
Thank you.

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I still don’t get an email when I request an access code.

I have updated the website so that it displays access code without emails.
The issue was that email server blocked the email forwarding.

Thanks Mohammad but isn’t this a security issue? Doesn’t this mean that anyone who knows my email can regenerate my access code, locking me out and giving them access to my account?

yes unfortunately,
this is a temp solution until I solve the email server issue.
you have 2 options:
1- use a temp email generator to generate a fake email.
2- use airgap server and run your own server.

I am working to solve the email issue anyway.

M. Hefny