Drone does not start... Tips right or left.. Help please!

Dear all,

Since a few days i’m not able to get my drone airborne.
It flew well before but now when i want to take off it tips to the right or to the left.
It would crash when i woult not reduce the throttle.
I’m using a pixhawk 2 Cube with a 450 carbon frame, 2814-10 T-Motors with
40A Hobbywing ESC’s.
I have attachted some LOG files. Maybe some of the pro’s here can help me to analyse
it ?

Thanks in advance…

Kind regards: Jan

2017-08-04 18-20-48.bin (513.5 KB)
2017-08-04 18-22-59.bin (961.3 KB)
2017-08-04 18-11-05.bin (964.5 KB)
2017-07-17 18-38-42.bin (919.3 KB)
28 01.01.2000 01-01-16.bin (156.4 KB)

Try removing props, give some throttle and move side to side the copter to see if motors react to correct stabilize, check if you don´t have any motor twisted too. It´s a new build?
what change for good flying and now?

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