Drone crashes after auto-mission engaged

Hello guys,

I would appreciate some help to figure out what happened during an automated mission we performed yesterday, we are were testing some automated features of Arducopter and in the middle of the flight the drone started to behave erratically, the pilot switched the flight mode to Althold and then to stabilize in order to regain control and make the drone land safely, the drone had a mind of it’s own and was not obeying to the RC commands and ended up crashing. We don’t have much experience with flight data analysis, could any of you guys help us to identify any potential failures?

Here is the log file --> https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al5GhiHEIOzqg4ECnvTqfhEEhe2Law

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microsoft wants me to log in in order to get file… please use a decent file sharing service :slight_smile:

I got your log and analyzed it. Your #2, left rear motor had an intermittent failure. Likely due to a bad connector or a magnet wire lead inside the motor case. I had this happen inside a motor from metal fatigue and vibrating lead wires. If you loose one of the three wires the motor is done and crash. In my case one of 6 wires in the windings failed and 2/3 of the motor still worked and it didn’t loose sync.

Hey Greg,

Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze the log file. I have experienced motors desync, ESC failure and other motor related failures bur this one was not definitely a motor/ESC error. The drone was still flying atm of the crash but the problem was that I could not take control manually with the radio hence the drone crashed. But still had propulsion when this happened.