Drone Crashed due to errors in SM innovations in 4.3.7 version


I’m using the Flight Controller Cube orange with firmware version 4.3.7. When I flew my drone in auto mode, I saw a reduction in height; additionally, when I flew in Poshold, everything went well, but my drone crashed due to drift.
When I performed log analysis, I discovered that there are more innovations in the magnetic field, and I was also unable to predict the root cause of the issue from the log. I’ve uploaded the log above. Please assist me in resolving this issue.
Also, could anybody explain whether this is a hardware or software issue?
Thank you…

It looks like you lost motor or propeller 3:

It looks like your compass calibration could be better. You should look at this tool:

Thank you for your time. I will look into it. Also,
Could provide any documentation or something to help me to understand the log analysis a bit more.

Also is it better to do Log analysis in mission planner or MAVexplorer?