Drone Crash due to motor failure

Hello, I have a log of a crashed drone. Upon checking the log, I found that one of the motor reached its high pwm value and I was not able to find any other error during the flight.
I am attaching the log and it would be useful if someone could help me analyze it.

You don’t need to find anything else. Thrust loss on Motor 2, Motor 1 drops to attempt stabilization and down it goes. Thrust loss could be a failed prop, ESC, Motor or a connection. It’s not always easy to tell which.

And update the firmware to current Stable. It has important updates for Cube Orange among many others since the 4.1.5 version you are running. And you need to reduce the level of vibration, it’s too high. And it looks like you are flying on default parameters w/o even the Initial Parameter Setup being done . A terrible idea. Tuning is poor with some serious oscillation.