Drone controlling using image processing

Hi everyone ,first off, sorry for my English …

The idea of my project is to use camera and raspberry pi with my quadcopter which has a Pixhawk on it , The idea is to make the quadcopter search in a specific location for an object at an altitude of 80-150 meters (with no use of GPS ) , when the camera capture the target raspberry pi will move the quadcopter until the target is in center of camera .

I am a beginner but I have a good background in programming So my questions are :
1- Is this idea feasible? And what is the efficiency that can be achieved?

2- I am planning to use python language with libraries as ( OpenCV and Dronekit ) ,Is this enough for a project like this ؟

3- Taking height into account… what is the best camera to use

Yes it is possible

OpenCV and dronekit or pymavlink are good options.

Camera and lens depend on the resolution you need.

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Why don’t you want to use GPS? To fly automatically, i.e. controlled from the raspberry pi ardupilot needs some way of estimating position. GPS is the most common one, but there are other options, some of which is described here: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-non-gps-navigation-landing-page.html.