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Drone control using companion computer with no GPS

I’m working on a computer vision guided quadcopter for indoor flight.
Using 3DR Pixhawk with Arducopter 3.2 and an ODROID XU3 connected to the Pixhawk telemetry port.
The computer vision generates positional errors in body frame and that’s being converted to RC override commands to control the drone’s movement as all of the other options I know of require GPS.
As you can imagine it isn’t ideal, at all.

What other options do I have?
I can use both Droneapi and ROS+MAVROS and I can change the firmware to ArduCopter 3.3 or PX4 if that matters.

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Hi, I’m struggling the same question these days.
Have you solved it? Any ideas would be appreciated.

You will need to use Arducopter from master branch, and it will work fine. Using mavros or pymavlink both work.
Check the blog posts in this forum

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