Drone components

I have the following components that I would like to sell:
APM2 Autopilot
3DR Radio Telemetry transmitter and Receiver (915MHz).
Spektrum DX7S RC Transmitter and AR8000 8-channel receiver.
Spektrum TM1000 telemetry transmitter.
3DR AC2 Sonar
uBlox GPS
Binder of assembly notes, setup notes, schematics, etc.
Spare set of APC 12X3.8 Composite props.
Spare set of original plastic props. (Use these while learning to fly the hex, they are cheaper).
Box of spare parts including motors (3 previously installed, one new).

All parts are attached to a 3DR Hexacopter. (Batteries not included)

I am asking $600 for everything including shipping to U.S. locations.





I will entertain offers or part it out.