Drone bouncing on landing, spinning in the yaw axis and finally flipping

Hello all,

Yesterday something strange happened when trying to land a 17 inches quad running the las 4.1.5 Ardupilot version. The drone once touched the land, bounced 2 - times, started to rotate in yaw with no control and finally flipped and crashed.

I was looking into the logs to identify why that happened but still is not clear to me. Here is the log if someone could please take a look.


Tuning is poor on this craft. PID’s need help and the motor outputs are oscillating and bouncing off MOT_SPIN_MIN.

1st update to latest stable. With Cube Orange use the Bdshot version and set the parameters for it. Enable EKF3. Set Motor Thrust Scaling (it’s at 0) and then work thru the normal tuning steps.