Dron for Agriculture orthophotography with NDVI

Hello everyone, this is my first post.

I just discover ArduPilot today while I was doing a second research for alternatives for my business (or the business I want to start).

Well let me give you a little introduction of myself.
Im a 32 years old Argentinian software developer (retired, currently not doing it profesionaly, just for hobby), living in Ecuador, 2 months ago I was looking for some idea for start a business, but I was looking for something that I would love to do, every day, not the tipically boring work, so from one thing to another, rasperry pi to parrot, dji at the end I found that I wanted to start an Aerial Photography and Film business using drones.

My cousin have a helicopter fumigation business, so I asked him for contacts in the Ecuatorian Civil Aviation, to ask about legislation/laws that involve drones and he asked me what I was going to do.
Talking a little, he told me that he would like to get a dron to make “remote sensing” of plantation using NDVI tech but that he had enought stress with his own business and decline to do it, so if I want to do it I could work with him, so he sent me links about NDVI tech and some systems already made for it.

For example mosaicmill.com/applications/ … lture.html
That system cost ~$30.000, its exactly what I need but it is so far away from my budget so I started my research for alternatives.

Then I went to DJI and I started to get numbers ($$$) for building a SpreadWings 900+ with a modificated camera, but it is still around $10.000, and i couldnt even find their PC ground station software, just the IPAD vertion, who has not even 50% of features of the PC version

So I found a guy who can modify some cameras (mostly dslr) to put in the DJI’s dron and make the magic (NDVI) and I asked him if he could modify the new DJI’s dron camera, the Inspire1’s and he said it can be done, not 100% sucesful guaranteed, but he can try. So it would make my budget go down to, lets say around $5.000, but risking that maybe the modification cant be done, and/or the gimbal can be damaged.
Also, the Inspire 1 looks like an amazing product, but it have lack of few features, like a real flight plan autonomous flight with autoshooting (for orthophoto).

And well, Im here know, couse i was looking for autopilots alternatives for mixing MosaicMIll’s orthophoto processing software (without their drone) + some cheaper dron system that can handle flight planning for autonomous flight.

As you see I have low to non knowledge/experience with Drones but I like it and I know I can learn really fast, I can make myself and share apps or features for what I need and more, but I would need some help at beginning, like, Drones options (quadcopters) where I can use ArduPilot.

I hope that I made me understand, english is not my first language and that you didnt got bored with my story :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and I hope to get involved in the community, really, the few pages (wiki) I just check, looks like an amazing project

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Hello, I’m Argentine too but living in Argentine, I beguin with this for Agriculture purposes tree years ago, I didn’t know what a servo is at the beguining, and now I have two cuadricopters Diy and two airplanes all with APM, the code is just impressive, and, if you know programming, you can access to the code and modificate what you need (I don’t know programming), there exist two forums, this one, is commonly used to ask for issues and tecniques questions and diydrones.com/ is more informative, have news, people share their proyects, etc., I suppose the other forum is better for beguinners, take a watch, see the groups too, there is a spanish photogramerty group; at the two forums you can find the developers and great guys that helps others. I hope you can understand my spanglish :mrgreen:
welcome :smiley:

excelente, pasame algun mail para hablar por ahi

anotate en diy drones y pedi una solicitud de amigos a cala sin el 2. trata de mantener el mismo nick ya que es la misma gente :wink:

dale, ahi me registre, tengo que esperar que me acepten…

going back on topic I found 3D Robotics AERO-M system, and seems to be amazing, i think its the closest drone i have found to do what I want, with a minor camera change for another with NDVI I think its perfect, price isnt bad, but i couldnt find many reviews about it, so i would like to ask here what you think about it?

It’s new, that the reason than you don’t find many reviews :wink: ; If you can choose from 3DR products, I think, is the easiest way to introduce yourself to APM; my plane is like this but older model, is an excellent platform to start and easy to fly store.3drobotics.com/products/3DR-Aero but if you never fly, buy first a simulator and them a cheap Bixler 2 to learn, try to visit a Rc club to find people to teach you