Dron@Code is an Obscenity. $#@@@*

I was sending a private message referencing the Linux Camera Control in Dron@code and I noticed this was effectively an obscenity! Now event though I take the side of Ardupilot in the Great Open Source Autopilot Schism of 2016, can we at least refer to it without it being treated like an F Bomb? Funny though that is…


I am sorry to hear that. I will investigate as I pretty sure the whole team don’t know about it… I am now really curious about the moderated word list…
IMHO this is a shame and shouldn’t reflect ArduPilot position, if some person have revenge to take against dronecode it shouldn’t be in the name of ArduPilot.

I’m genuinely surprised, and disappointed - this will get fixed. Whilst I understand the events of 2016 as well as most, this is childish at best. DroneCode has a place in the ecosystem, and is not a word that should be sensored.

This has been fixed. Thank you for pointing it out @Marc_Dornan.

I did get a laugh out of it. It may have been an overlooked joke, circa 2016.

I seem to recall there being an actual reason beyond just childishness. But that was a lifetime ago for me so I can’t remember details.